Way back in the day, when we were young(er) . . . our budding-next-adult generation began its version of the cyclical questioning of societal norms that had become trite, toxic and dysfunctional . . . and its version of the social and political rebellion that always inevitably follows.

So we, two silly sisters, joined the fun and purchased an old US Mail truck for a song at auction . . . to have space and mobility for our newly-liberated lifestyle.

But because the USPS required that the red horizontal stripe is removed before sale, we received said step-van in blue and white only. In sync with the customary reveling and good-natured semi-rowdiness of the era, we added our own particular wry, humorous, quirky, personal artistic touch to the Movement by boldly repainting the red stripe vertically, going up & down the sides and across the top, like a ribbon around a gift box . . . daring and taunting the powers that were to interfere.

And now, so much further down the road . . . we’ve decided to combine those memories and values with the current adage about finding your passion(s) and then never having to work another day in your life.

Our passions are Art, Justice, Humor, Aggressive Pacifism (or pacif-aggressivism? – tee hee) . . . and the countless other concepts that lead the way down the road toward Enlightenment.